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Tears For April
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Tears For April - The Life and Death of April Reoch

This film destroys the myth that drug abuse affects just the user, as life and death unfolds in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. 'Tears for April: Beyond the Blue Lens' follows the short, tragic life of April Reoch as told by Al Arsenault, the beat cop who first warned the fresh-faced 17-year-old to leave the streets. Within six months, April was hooked on drugs and prostituting herself.

We follow April's life-and-death struggle: from those first days on the street, through her struggles to get clean, to finding her body on Christmas Day. Her killer laments her death in jail. Five other characters, also seen in 'Through a Blue Lens' (1999), are woven into this compelling and visceral documentary which serves as a strong caveat to those wishing to play the dangerous game of 'drug roulette'.

Running Time
149 mins
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