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The Spirit World
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The Spirit World
Part of the Series: Monsters Among Us Series

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Vampires Part I
The presence of vampires throughout history, culminating in the writing of Bram Stoker's Dracula, literature's most famous bloodsucker.
Vampires Part II
The popularity of Dracula cemented the vampire into fiction and popular culture, and was supplemented by the invention of cinema. Between Dracula and its not-so-subtle clone Nosferatu, vampires became a…
The Walking Dead
The idea of the dead coming back to life haunted stories for centuries. Differing takes on the myth led to different monsters - resurrection through science created Frankenstein's monster, Egyptian…
The Spirit World
The idea of a parallel world of the spirits has persisted since the beginning of civilization. Ghosts returning to earth, or remaining as echoes of the past, are explored in…
Humans have always sought justification for the presence of evil in the world. Demons, in their various incarnations through religious descriptions, folklore, and literature, are often cited as the source.
Witches in popular culture have a particularly insidious origin - religious persecution. In later years, the image of a witch has evolved - both through pop culture, and greater religious…
Werewolves and Shapeshifters
In this final episode, the role shapeshifters have played in stories and legends is explored. The evolution of the concept eventually brought us Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The…