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They're schoolgirls - dreaming of the future, wanting to go out and have fun, trying to work out relationships with families, friends and boyfriends - and attempting to finish high school while raising their babies. Plumpton High, in Sydney's outer western suburbs, is one of the few schools in Australia with a program that supports schoolgirl mothers completing their education, integrating them into the general student population. Over 100 girls have been helped by the program since it began. This year, 13 are enrolled.

Plumpton High Babies follows a year in the lives of some of these young mothers as they hurtle from girlhood to womanhood. Baby, at 15, is the youngest - just a child herself. Simone, considered one of the school's star students, is 16 and three months pregnant. Crystal is finding it tough with a toddler and nowhere to live. Jasmine, with her eight-month-old son, has been in the program longer than any other girl; now her twin sister is pregnant. And expelled student Jessica is being accepted back for one reason only - she too is 15 and expecting. So what does it take to help a teenager with a baby stay at school? At Plumpton, the dedicated and passionate principal and program co-ordinator offer understanding, a supportive environment, flexible hours and practical health and welfare assistance as well as constant encouragement. But the outcome depends on the girls.

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109 mins
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