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Love & Friendship
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Love & Friendship

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Anonymous picture

Based upon a Jane Austen novella titled Lady Susan but named for a work she wrote as a child, Love and Friendship is a delightfully arch, comedic film of a widow seeking two husbands (for herself and her daughter), and happily soars above the many dull Austen adaptations. Kate Beckinsale ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Quite entertaining, in it's 'pantomime' type presentation.

Anonymous picture

What could be called a 'drawing-room farce'. Amusing at times but I started to vey much dislike the main character.

Anonymous picture

Very amusing - the art of manipulation reminiscent of the French courts

Tom avatar

I enjoyed it. Love my Jane Austen and this is in the same genre. Think Pride and Prejudice meets Cruel Intentions... sort of.