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Emmy(r) award-winning producer Barry Green, joined by co-host David Jimerson, take you through what you need to know to start seeing great lighting in your own projects!

Through detailed instruction, tongue-in-cheek sketch illustrations, and hands-on examples, we'll show you the fundamentals of cinematic lighting and how you can use light as a paintbrush to tell your stories like the pros, with just the right look, exposure - and feeling!

Lighting for Film and Television: Exposure, Shadows and Basic Technique features:

  1. Exposure, Shadows and Basic Technique
  2. How Light Works
  3. Exposure/Dynamic Range: The Right Amount Of Light
  4. Shadows: Giving Light Shape
  5. Lighting: Basic Technique
Running Time
144 mins
Nb videos
4 videos included

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Anonymous picture

Excellent presentation. It's simple & straight to the point. Love that it's broken down into 4 videos - very easy to absorb.