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Iris - A Fashion Icon
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Iris - A Fashion Icon

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Comments (3)

Robyn avatar

THANK YOU Iris....for explaining to me why I haven't, and now never will,
throw away my 60's/70's Modelling accessories......what great fun to think I could still be playing "dress ups" at 90+ in "old Classic Couture" !

Anonymous picture

Ah Iris....outrageous, iconic and eternally elegant! I love the way she can mix Dior or Versace with dollar store finds. Minimalists eat your heart out ! Pile on the jewels, I say!

Anonymous picture

A colourful documentary about a fabulous woman, with a flirtatious relationship with fashion. Made me want to raid my mum's wardrobe for furs, pearls and vintage heels! I hope I can grow old with that same inner confidence.