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Meth Inside Out: Brain & Behavior
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Meth Inside Out: Brain & Behavior

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3 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Meth Inside Out: Human Impact
Meth: Human Impact provides an eye-opening introduction to meth's effect on individuals, families, and communities across the globe. This video explores the motivations for use, including the need to escape…
Episode 2 Meth Inside Out: Brain & Behavior
Meth: Brain & Behavior equips viewers with an understanding of how meth changes the brain and, consequently, behavior. 3D animations of changes in the brain, accessible explanations, and personal accounts…
Episode 3 Meth Inside Out: Windows to Recovery
Meth: Windows to Recovery explores effective treatment practices across program types and settings. For users, learning about the process of recovery often increases commitment to change. This episode empowers the…

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Comments (1)

Anonymous picture

Excellent video! Good, accurate information presented simply and interestingly. I am a drug & alcohol counselor and I will show this to my clients- thank you!