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I, Daniel Blake
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I, Daniel Blake

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Honey Lane

Beautiful, powerful and deeply moving movie.

Anonymous picture

Excellent movie and an inspiration to us all to help others if we can

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Ken Loach delivers again. Not exactly an uplifting movie but rather a commentary on our loss of humanity. Brilliant film

Anonymous picture

Incredible film. Brilliantly portrayed by an amazing cast. The frustration of dealing with bureaucracy is real and this film exemplifies it beautifully.

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A powerful and emotive film. Thank you.

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Similar unsympathetic system in Centrelink Australia where everything has to be online. Centrelink staff are often unhelpful. Anyone who can't use a computer is told to go to their local library, Library staff are told they shouldn't be seeing people's personal files so often won't help with ...Read more

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Agree Janet.

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Very moving indictment of society today.