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His Girl Friday
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His Girl Friday

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Comments (14)

Anonymous picture

One of my favorite movies.

Anonymous picture

I like this charming cast better than Front Page, and who delivered the lines. The only derogatory word was the reference to the baby born in the car, who was called a P---------y! Shows how easy it was to keep insulting one specific ethnic community amongst many. I appreciated that the other ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Jacqueline, do you mean to say that this is a cut and censored version? I don't know how to feel about that. Certainly respect is very important, but I wonder if that actually makes us more complacent and ignorant of what actually was going on, as you say "how easy it was". Thank you for ...Read more

Mei Mei avatar
Mei Mei

I watched this because Bianca del Rio recommended it for learning how to become wittier! Aha!!!

Anonymous picture

An awesome and utterly delirious screwball comedy. Also a great satire of yellow journalism.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Personally, never seen it. BUT, i feel like it's going to be very good even with and white. Havent' had a drank in ONE YEAR. So this movie might be my annicersary present.

Anonymous picture

Could you imagine having to learn the lines in some of these scenes? SO MANY LINES! And delivered at a pace that is insanely fast but still intelligible.
I'd love to see a remake of this, maybe with Emma Stone and Kate McKinnon. But there would have to be less suicide attempts and state ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Hey Bill, A great portion of this movie is ad-lib. Look it up.

Pamela avatar

One of my all time favorite movies!

Anonymous picture

Awesome oldies but goodies

Jennifer avatar

Same here!

Anonymous picture

Snappy dialogue for sure... Typical for the era, but you don't see back-and-forth like too much anymore.

Anonymous picture

The only character to like in this film is the poor fellow who is to be hanged.

Jennifer avatar

Why do you think that? How's it possible? There was more than one character in the movie.