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Her Majesty
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Her Majesty

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Hi Toni,
Thanks for the feedback. If you’re referring to Vicky Haughton, the actress who plays the kuia Hira Mata in the film, she is Maori.

Anonymous picture

Overly sweet and VERY 1950s. Would have been lovely if they had cast a real Maori. Still, truth and goodness saved the day. That is worth something.

Anonymous picture

A very touching and well-done movie where love and truth wins.

Anonymous picture

A warm and charming film with a significant message.

Anonymous picture

Today movies are so fake and violent, but this one was quite pleasing to watch. More should be made for our children today.

Mickey avatar

Oppression is real. So many cultures shredded with intention. Aboriginal tales far and wide like this will help us know a different history than the rubbish I was fed in school. I agree with "Jody" in the comments below. This flick is a great addition to Truth and Reconciliation in Canada ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Canada REALLY needs movies like this. It would certainly help with Truth and Reconciliation efforts. Well done NZ!

Anonymous picture

In essential illustration of true nobility. I could not have loved it more!