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Anonymous picture

Worth a watch. A few laughs along the way and fairly entertaining. I would watch it again.

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It was a really great movie.

Lauren avatar

I've seen all of Taika Waititi's feature-length films and I'm such a fan of his flair for storytelling and sense of humor. This film is smaller and less exciting than his later films but it is a very sweet character study with a talented young actor (James Rolleston) in the lead role. When ...Read more

Tom avatar

A great film and really funny. From the same director of Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Mat avatar

Another excellent film from filmmaker Taika Waititi! 'Boy' delivers a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of a small rural Maori town in NZ full of Waititi's trademark comedic quirkiness and wit. This film is of course very entertaining and full of laughs, but being from NZ myself, what I enjoyed ...Read more