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American Commune
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American Commune
America's Largest Socialist Experiment

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Comments (12)

Anonymous picture

For me this highlights the importance of recording history as it is being made. Those insignificant clips of the moment may tell an important story in years to come.

Anonymous picture

I love the way this film is put together.

Anonymous picture

Beautifully told chapter of American history. I loved seeing the archival footage and hearing about the ideal. Thank you for making this film, well done.

Anonymous picture
Mei Mei

A excellent film. I've always respected The Farm for its free ambulance work in the South Bronx and as part of its opposition to abortion its willingness to rear all and any children. I treasure their vegan cookbooks, too. At the same time, I always knew I could never live in such a white, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is a nuanced and articulated portrait of an interesting 1970's social experiment. I particularly like that it discusses both the positive aspects and the less positive aspects of that experience and it does so in very personal ways

Anonymous picture

This documentary was beautifully done.
Even though my own experience of the 70s was so different, the film pluckedt many familiar notes in my heart.

Anonymous picture

A friend and I hitched there on our way from Baltimore to Houston. We spent a day and night with some folks in First Road Buses. They ate the whole bag of granola for our trip. I treasure my visit. I'm thankful the Gate let us in. What a wonderful film.

Anonymous picture

a lot of 70s kids grew up on some version of The Farm, even well off it. . . . . i suppose that's why this film makes me nostalgic tho i've always been in the City.

Anonymous picture

A deeply felt and personal history of The Farm, and what it was like growing up on the largest commune. An important history of those times.

Anonymous picture

A great film about rediscovery and truth. Well done Mundo sisters!

Dylan avatar

I'm definitely biased, as I grew up with the Mundo sisters in Venice, California. But this is such an incredible story, with intimate recently shot interviews skillfully mixed with rare archival footage. This is a film about what faith can do, how leadership harnesses desire, the true dangers ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Long live the dream for the many.