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A Rose For Emily
A superbly-crafted dramatization of Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner's first nationally published short story, this is the tale of an indomitable Southern woman who clutched the past so resolutely that life itself is denied. The film is at once a…
Bass On Titles - Title Sequence Designer Saul Bass
The work of Academy Award-winner Saul Bass covers the full range of the design spectrum. In this film he combines his favorite subjects with his interest in the cinema, by presenting a selection of the feature film title sequences which…
William Blake
A key figure in the Romantic Movement, Blake was emphatic about the origins of his compositions - he said they were inspired by visions. Blake's best work gives pictorial expression to a crucially important aspect of Romanticism, the need for…
Why Man Creates
A series of explorations, episodes and comments on creativity by Saul Bass, a master of conceptual design, this film is one of the most highly regarded short films ever produced. Humour, satire and irony are combined with serious questions about…
Romantic Rebellion
This companion video outlines the history of the Romantic movement and illustrates the principles of Romantic and Classic art through the work of individual artists.
Electrum: Science As Art
Lightning has fascinated man from the earliest times, inspiring both awe and fear. At the turn of the century, scientist Nikola Tesla developed his Tesla coil: an electrical current generator that he envisioned as a potential power source, shooting lightning…