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Harold Lloyd - The Early Films Part 1
A compilation of Harold Lloyd's early short films. Clip #1: "Look Pleasant Please" - Clip #2: "Lonesome Luke Messenger" - Clip #3: "By The Sad Sea Waves" - Clip #4: "Bashful" - Clip #5: "The Big Idea" - Clip #6:…
6 videos
Girl Shy
Harold is a shy tailor's apprentice who has a pronounced stutter and is afraid of girls. He spends his lonely evenings writing a book called The Secret of Love Making until he is galvanized into action when he discovers that…
Safety Last!
Harold Lloyd's most-famous comedy features him as a sales clerk in a department store who finds himself hanging off the hands of a collapsing clock on the side of a skyscraper high above the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Harold's…
Movie Crazy
Harold Lloyd's best sound film has him portraying Harold Hill, a small-town Kansas rube who dreams of making it in the movies. Upon his arrival in Hollywood, Harold manages to wreak havoc as soon as he steps off the train.…
An Eastern Western
Harold is a spoiled east coast youth packed off to a ranch in the west in this fast and furious parody of western films. Nominated, Saturn Award - Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films 2006 (Best DVD Collection)
I Do
This short film tells the story of a newlywed couple and their adventures while babysitting.
Number Please
Harold must chase down a small dog running loose in a beach resort (filmed on location in Santa Monica) with a merry-go-round climax.
A Sailor Made Man
Harold is introduced as "The Boy--Idle heir to twenty millions--And a nerve that would blunt the edge on forked lightning." At the country club, he gets the attention of a popular girl (Mildred Davis) by saying, "It's too hot to…
Hot Water
A hilarious domestic-life comedy begins with Harold with an armful of packages and a live turkey on a streetcar, followed by a disastrous spin in his new car with his in-laws, and ending with haunted house-type thrills provoked by his…
Get Out and Under
Titled after the popular song, the film features Harold's misadventures with his Model T Ford. Nominated, Saturn Award - Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films 2006 (Best DVD Collection)
Speedy, Lloyd's last silent film, is a superb valedictory to the silent era. "Speedy" was Harold's real-life nickname (given to him by his father) and the film is appropriately fast-paced. Lloyd plays Harold "Speedy" Swift, a baseball-crazy young man who…
Dr. Jack
Harold plays Dr. Jackson (Dr. Jack for short), a small-town doctor who is a friend to everyone and eager to help. He approaches the healing of his patients through psychology
High and Dizzy
Harold becomes intoxicated on some homemade liquor and follows a sleep-walking woman onto a skyscraper ledge. The second of Lloyd's five famous "thrill" comedies. Nominated, Saturn Award - Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films 2006 (Best DVD Collection)
The Freshman
Harold Lloyd's most popular comedy is arguably his funniest film. It was also his most commercially successful silent comedy feature. Harold plays college freshman Harold Lamb who longs to be the Big Man on Campus. His metamorphous from college zero…
Why Worry?
Harold plays wealthy hypochondriac Harold van Pelham, who travels with his private nurse (Jobyna Ralston) to the fictious island of Paradiso to live blissfully in a warm climate in order to regain his health. In Paradiso, he finds himself in…
For Heavens Sake
Lloyd plays J. Harold Manners, a millionaire playboy who inadvertently contributes to a skid row mission (which is then named in his honor). He meets and falls in love with Hope (Jobyna Ralston), the mission pastor's daughter, when he visits…
The Kid Brother
Harold is a country boy who is the "Cinderella" of the Hickory family. Shy and bespectacled, his wit and ingenuity are not appreciated by his physically robust but none-too-bright father and brothers. When Mary arrives with the traveling road show,…
Never Weaken
Harold is a would-be suicide who finds himself on an uncompleted skyscraper. The third of Lloyd's five famous "thrill" comedies.
Ask Father
Plucky Harold tries numerous ways to see an inaccessible businessman for his daughter's hand in marriage.